Why I hope you’ll consider paying for Expedite

Here it is: The sales pitch. 

Expedite will turn two this year, but I’ve been writing about restaurant technology for much longer. My first newsletter, Chefs+Tech, launched in 2013. I sold it to Skift and we created Skift Table in 2017; that lasted two wonderful years. Now I’m back to independent newsletter-ing, nearly a decade and two babies wiser. 

Sometimes, I can place stories about the topics I want to write about with publications who let me write about them for a fair rate. I love when this happens!

Other times, this newsletter is the best place to share the particular type of stories that don’t have an easy home elsewhere. These are my favorite stories to write and share, both because I love writing them but also because I believe I’m the best person to write them.

This comes at a cost. For example, I spent 24 hours researching two lines in a recent edition of Expedite for accuracy. That’s my job as a journalist and as a trusted source and is something I’ll continue to do. But it’s not something I can afford to continue to offer for free. 

So, I’m holding a subscription drive of sorts in the month of March as I work to increase my paid subscription base. Here’s the deal: 

  • Paid subscribers will continue to receive this newsletter each Wednesday. 

  • Free subscribers will receive this newsletter on Thursday mornings.

  • As of Monday, April 5, annual and monthly subscription prices will go up. This is likely the first of some incremental price increases to come. 

  • Independent restaurant owners and employees are eligible for free “paid” subscriptions. Claim yours here.

  • Otherwise, if you can, please:

Upgrade your subscription

As always, I thank you for your support during these strange times of change. Please stay in touch! kristen@kristenhawley.com or newsletter@expedite.news