Turns out that pizza, the original delivery food, still outsmarts tech companies
...about the future of local restaurants
The allure of exponential growth and big money collides with reality
Restaurateur Téa Ivanovic on D.C.’s "cause-casual" Immigrant Food
The FTC warns companies to keep AI claims “in check”
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February 2023

Reality and an economic downturn have brought us back to earth
A Monday news bite.
The next in a series of reexamining everything we know, with inKind’s Johann Moonesinghe
Some newsy odds and ends: DoorDash's earnings win; Toast buys a drive-thru company; and LOL at McDonald's AI ordering
April Bloomfield has a new restaurant; Big Delivery throws down $$$ for the Super Bowl; Eater London folds Listen now (23 min) | A new episode of Restaurant Week from Expedite and Family Meal
"This is how we do it!" - singer Montell Jordan and also Uber's leadership on promoting the company's monthly subscription product