Feb 16 • 23M

April Bloomfield has a new restaurant; Big Delivery throws down $$$ for the Super Bowl; Eater London folds

A new episode of Restaurant Week from Expedite and Family Meal

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Kristen (Expedite) and Andrew (Family Meal) reprise their brief but successful Clubhouse run with an audio experiment.
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Andrew and I are back, talking at you from Substack, vowing to get better at the podcast thing. This week, we talk "the reemergence of some characters from the pre-pandemic past,” i.e., the announcement of April Bloomfield’s new restaurant [1:21].

Then it’s onto the Super Bowl, where a 3-second commercial spot cost a reported $7 million. (DoorDash’s spot was 30 seconds, but Uber’s was a full minute.) [5:45]

With a brief interlude to discuss the end of Eater London [7:35], we’re back to commercials and I explain why subscriptions are the future for big delivery companies. (More info on that in this post.)

We close [18:04] by thinking through all the “slow news weeks” we’ve had lately, and what that actually says about food and restaurant media. Things are different now!