Feb 9 • 24M

Listen in: a (continued) reservations hot take; a new startup for booking tables and a big job opening at the San Francisco Chronicle

A new episode of Restaurant Week from Expedite and Family Meal

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Kristen (Expedite) and Andrew (Family Meal) reprise their brief but successful Clubhouse run with an audio experiment.
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Once, in an interview about my work, someone asked me: “Did you and Andrew from Family Meal just look at each other and say, ‘We have the two most relevant restaurant newsletters, let’s do a podcast?’” And, reader/listener, that is fact.

This week, we talk more about the current state of restaurant reservations and why it’s the wrong time to call a winner [2:03], and I talk about Tablz, a new booking upstart that thinks about reservations a little differently [7:10]. Then, Andrew talks about San Francisco Chronicle critic Soleil Ho’s announcement that they’re leaving their restaurant criticism role for the paper’s opinion desk [15:15].