Nov 3, 2022 • 30M

Gael Greene and Julie Powell, Uber shares financial results, Eater gets a book deal

A new episode of Restaurant Week from Expedite x Family Meal, November 3, 2022

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Kristen (Expedite) and Andrew (Family Meal) reprise their brief but successful Clubhouse run with an audio experiment.
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Hi and welcome to a brand new podcast from two restaurant industry newsletter writers, Andrew Genung (Family Meal) and Kristen Hawley (Expedite). Take it easy on us, we’re still learning!

This week: Uber releases earnings and doesn’t make money (but sort of does on an adjusted basis, what?) [1:22]; Reef backs out of Houston [9:13]; sad news about two very important people in food media [12:44]; who else might be shifting the way food journalism works? (including a spirited discussion about who might be considered the “male equivalent of Meryl Streep” [17:36]; and some thoughts on Eater’s recently announced book deal [20:52]. Plus: we’re hoping for a special guest next week. Is it you?

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