Oct 27, 2022 • 26M

Restoration Hardware restaurants, reservations on DoorDash, New Orleans NFTs, and some rampant speculation

A new episode of Restaurant Week from Expedite x Family Meal, 10.28.2022

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Kristen (Expedite) and Andrew (Family Meal) reprise their brief but successful Clubhouse run with an audio experiment.
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Hi and welcome to a brand new podcast from two restaurant industry newsletter writers, Andrew Genung (Family Meal) and Kristen Hawley (Expedite).

Andrew is fresh off a 16-course dinner and we’re talking about which chef might be behind the new RH restaurants (all pure speculation) [2:38]. I talk through this week’s newsletter — my most popular to date — about DoorDash’s pilot reservations program [8:30]. Also: Nina Compton’s NFT members club in New Orleans that sounds pretty cool [18:47], and chef Alon Shaya’s forthcoming Las Vegas restaurant — complete with waterfall. [23:30]

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