Sitemap - 2021 - Expedite

TikTok Kitchen? Hey, whatever works!

Half a billion to the startup making dinner in a van outside

Salad doesn't scale like software

Salad doesn't scale like software

The anti-ghost ghost kitchen

What's Grubhub's end game?

The tipping point

Hello, hot M&A fall!

Fiserv acquires BentoBox

Defend — but also build

Hey ghost kitchens, don’t leave indies behind!

The reviews company is turning into a restaurant company

The Lawsuits

The Infatuation finds a buyer. It's a bank.

On advertising

Toast's big bet on doing it all

How many tech companies does it take to launch a virtual restaurant? 

DoorDash eyes post-pandemic life

A special delivery from the everything store

Big delivery faces more regulatory hurdles

The restaurant technology revolution that wasn't

A restaurant revived (but is it?) 

Our return to normalcy will be judged by salads

Fee caps are here. Will they work?

Oh hey, reservations services. U OK?

Grubhub's takeover is complete

The future of ghost kitchens seems a lot less invisible

Food halls are back, baby 

$100 million for Goldbelly

Inside Grubhub's next act

For big delivery, restaurants were just the beginning

DoorDash gives restaurants more of what they want

Tock's Takeout Win

Uber Eats hits a record, goes social, and maybe also delivers pot?

A quick Q&A with Brightloom CEO Adam Brotman

Tock to Squarespace for $400 million

Living that cash-free life

Hello, $OLO

Who needs predictive ordering?

Trust. And safety

Why I hope you’ll consider paying for Expedite

What to know about Olo's $100 million IPO

Testing, testing…

Great questions!

Hello, @pizza

What is the anti-Grubhub?

Delivery math, courtesy of  Uber Eats

Yelp in the Time of Covid

The Space Between