Sitemap - 2020 - Expedite

Peace out, 2020.

The Year of the Predicament

The Direct Ordering Land Grab

Why OpenTable Should Worry About Third-Party Delivery’s Success

A Conversation with Toast's Co-Founder

More DoorDash + Lyft for Restaurants?

DoorDash’s Future, the S-1 Edition

The New, Digital-Only Chipotle

New! Buy a Slice with Slice

DoorDash (Helps) Build a Restaurant

3PD Goes Hollywood

Yelp v. Racism

That Subscription Life: Grubhub + Lyft

Regulating the Unregulated

On Pandemic Normalizing

Uber Eats but Not for Delivery

To Trust or Not to Trust?

The Virtual In-Person Restaurant Event

DoorDash IPO Is Back on Track

OpenTable Has Its Own CEO Again

Restaurants Fuel Uber's Rocketship

Today Is for News

Platform Matters

Technology Was Never Meant to Save Restaurants 

What It Takes to Get That Cash

Uber Buys Postmates

News, News, News

The triumphant return of the QR code

What's happening, restaurant delivery?

So, Where’s the Opportunity? 

More delivery + That burger + Oversharing

Thoughts: Grubhub + Uber

Our Future, Reserved

Lots of little updates today...

Grubhub shows its cards (kinda)

Layoffs come to restaurant tech

The future is...

Ratings and reviews in the age of coronavirus

The convenience-to-necessity shift

Tech companies pivot to delivery

Options, developments, and news in restaurant tech

Tech can't fix everything

That Subscription Life

The new realities of restaurant marketing

What makes a billion dollar restaurant tech company?

Tock's new thing(s) + MORE fun with reservations

Third-party delivery on the public market

Looking Forward in 2020

When reservations aren't enough

What's going to happen to Grubhub?

Wellness, well-being, and restaurant tech in 2020