Sitemap - 2022 - Expedite

Want to talk to Santa? Visit the drive-thru

The disruptors and the bureaucrats

The industry marches on (responsibly)

Uber Eats settles with Chicago

Tock sells wine now

A James Beard conundrum, Willows Inn closes, DoorDash lays off over 1,000 employees, and a great suggestion

DoorDash is cutting its corporate workforce by 1,250 jobs

News of the week: 11.30.2022

Internet culture seeps into restaurants

The NFT restaurant has an IRL address, we have questions about a ranked list of restaurants, and what your reservations app of choice (maybe?) says about you

Uber’s big step forward includes restaurant reservations

Sweetgreen readies the robots

Thanks to voters, D.C. has to phase out its tip credit. Washingtonian's Jessica Sidman explains how, why... and what's next

Delivery is somehow withstanding inflation

Krystle Mobayeni on leading through a pandemic

Gael Greene and Julie Powell, Uber shares financial results, Eater gets a book deal

Twitter's takeover + TikTok's uncertain future

Discounts do not equal loyalty

Restoration Hardware restaurants, reservations on DoorDash, New Orleans NFTs, and some rampant speculation

DoorDash tests in-app reservations

Parisians hate QR codes, too.

Eggs and Instagram, Noma in Japan, the DRA, and a couple questions for listeners

I wonder, Wonder...

This chicken sandwich has a fan club

Growing pains

Hello to Blackbird, next-gen loyalty, memberships, and payment for restaurants

Chipotle, the burrito-slinging tech company

Q&A: Meredith Sandland's new job

Restaurant Week: September 30, 2022

Toast, one year post IPO

Restaurant tech news to know

No seats? No problem.

New Orleans chicken in LA

[How to] Get that cash!

Don't call it a QSR

Are robot servers dead?

Restaurant reservations turn from plans to perks

An incomplete restaurant technology glossary

New Expedite launches September 6

Out of your inbox, into your earbuds

Future-proof your restaurant with a Milk Bar

Restaurant tech readies the reset button

A $3.1 billion Grubhub write-down and some asset-ditching

Sized down, but not out

The fee cap experiment is probably over

OpenTable as the latest weapon on the reproductive rights front

In defense of the maligned QR code

A tale of two awards programs

Uber Eats joins the food shipping frenzy

I got Covid at the National Restaurant Show

I spent several hundred dollars on food-themed NFTs and here’s what I learned

Third-party delivery melts down

Yay, it's finally time for responsible delivery growth!

DoorDash Kitchens has a new location, but it's still a one-off

Welcome to the post-ghost era

Big money, big problems

Tech makes tipping harder to avoid. This angers some people.

The litigious future of third-party delivery

What technology takes

Welcome to the battle for workday share of stomach

Lawsuit accuses Google of stealing restaurant customers

Uber reminds us there’s still stuff worth doing

Big delivery sets its sights on dine-in

LOL you’re not disrupting reservations

Settling in

A conversation with Lunchbox CEO Nabeel Alamgir

Trouble in celebrity brand-land

About that NFT restaurant...

Restaurant technology product works exactly the way it’s supposed to. (Surprise?)

Is it a restaurant or a tech company?